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Drews Foods: La Pizza Loca

In San Bernardino County, CA (aka the 909 aka the I.E.) off Euclid street near the 60 fwy in good ole southern Ontario, resides the best place for delicious (cheap) pizzas. La Pizza Loca isn’t just a clever brand name but the truth when you consider the fact that they’re giving away the “gigante” 32 slice pizza for less than $10.00! This past Saturday a couple of friends and I decided to throw a Dreamcast pizza party to honor our love for the old school system that could. I was in charge of pizza and at first considered Little Ceasars when my other dear friends Alex Eltiste and his brother and sister in-laws David and Ronnie Barozzo mentioned La Pizza Loca. I had only been to LPL once before and had completly forgot about it until that day. I am eternally in my friends’ debt, as a broke person La Pizza Loca delivered on price and quality (the best expensive pizza in the I.E. is still Lampost in Upland off Fotthill Blvd, but that is another Drews Foods for another day). Screw Dominos, Little Ceasars and especially Pizza Hutt; if you want good food at great prices you better go loca, La Pizza Loca!

Addendum: No one from this establishment has contacted me and I have not recieved any profit from this post, I’m just a fat guy who loves food.

Geeks and Nreds are not the same here’s proof

While a nerd can indeed dig Star Wars and a geek can also be into Star Trek, the rest of everything presented in this image from is pretty solid. Although, they also left out the part about nerds being opportunistic douche bags who have no qualms making billions of dollars off of someone else’s ideas (see Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg). If you couldn’t tell, I am a HUGE Geek and damn proud of it…eff nerds (no offense Josh)


You Should All be watching the Regular Show

There is a cartoon renaissance happening on Cartoon network these days. I already mentioned The Amazing World of Gumball, well today I’m alerting you to the presence of the equally amazing The Regular Show! Regular Show stars Mordecai (the Blue Jay) and Rigby (the Raccoon) they work as grounds keepers at a golf course with a disgruntled gumball machine as their boss and a Yeti, a flabby “muscle man”, a high fiving ghost and a bubble from the 1930′s named Pops as their co workers. Every episode Mordecai and Rigby go on adventures involving magic keyboards, trips to alternate worlds or the inside of each others minds or just face off against the occasional self morphing Otters and popular one hit wonders from summers past. The Regular Shows tag line says “its anything but” which is more than true. I ejoy this show because it reminds me a lot of my friends and I in our early twenties and at times I feel like a Mordecai and at times I feel like a Rigby. Anyone who appreciates creativity, comedy and animation needs to give The Regular Show a chance.


Happy Post Thanksgiving pre December Hump Day!

Sorry about the delay folks, but between going to and from San Diego, planning a semi-succesful Dreamcast pizza party and catching this god forsaken cold, its been an uphill battle to add new content. I seriously appreciate everyone who comes to the site (we’re over 200 views now dontcha know!) and I promise to do my best to insure that another seven day delay is not in the future. But hey, shit happens.

A Booster pilot is as good as gold at Syfy













Syfy has greenlit a Booster Gold pilot huzzah! For the unninitiated, Booster Gold is a DC Comics superhero and crucial team member of Justice International, he’s from the future and unlike Batman who fights for vigilante justice or Superman who fights for truth justice and the American way, Booster fights for his own publicity. See, Booster was a former athlete who came to our time using technology from the 25th century to capatalize on being a hero by selling action figures, sports drinks and anything else you can name (so I gues that is kinda the American way). Eventually Booster gains a conscience and in semi-current continuity his shameless self promotion was just a rouge to protect everyone from the real truth about the time stream.

The shows pilot is being written by Fringe and Warehouse 13′s Andrew Kriesberg and over seen by Greg Berlanti….ummmmm the No Ordinary Family Guy who also wrote the Green Lantern movie which I loved but most of the world hated? Man, Hollywood sure likes to give and take don’t she? So none of you think I’m making this up the story is right here.













While I love me some Booster Gold, my favorite part of the character was always his friendship with fellow JLI team member Ted Kord aka The Blue Beetle II. Ted was the Brodie Bruce or Otter to Boosters T.S. or Boon; and the only member of any Justice League to openly have a subscription to Penthouse Magazine. Sadly, DC Comics inexplicably killed off Ted Kord in the Countdown to Infinite Crisis back in 2005 and replaced him with hispanic high schooler Jamie Reyes as the third Blue Beetle. If Bertalani can bring back T.K. I will totally forgive him for directing Life as we know it.


Drew Reviews: The First Half of Walking Dead Season 2

The first half of The Walking Dead Season 2 has come to an end, its taking a breather until February where we get the back seven episodes. The show was already plagued with controversy after showrunner Frank Darabont (Shawshank Redemption, Green Mile, The Mist) left due to conflicts/concerns with the AMC network. Many wondered if this would negatively affect the show and my answer to that is ” boy has it ever”.

The problems with the Walking Dead go beyond whose at its helm. This show about a zombie apocalypse is actually adapted from a far superior graphic novel of the same name. The Walking Dead comics are expertly written with believable human characters in the midst of a horrible and horrifying world, all the show had to do was follow the blue prints of the book and it would be smooth sailing all the way to the Emmys. At first it seemed like those involved with the show understood how to properly translate its source material. The tense pilot episode where our hero, deputy Rick Grimes wakes up from a comma into a world gone mad hit every note perfectly; we rooted for Rick to be reunited with his wife Lori and son Carl. Rick’s introduction into this world as well as his perilous yet highly engaging journey back to his family was ripped from the pages of writer Robert Kirkman’s work. Then Rick finally met up with his family and their camp and it all went to hell. Some characters were turned into weak shallow versions of themselves while the more intriguing ones were not even bothered to be translated.

The worst of these offenses is the character of Shane, Ricks best friend and partner played horribly over the top by  Jon Bernthal. In the original story, Shane has an affair with Rick’s wife (after the zombie apocalypse hits and they think Rick is a goner of course) which also happens in the series. Graphic novel Shane is a jealous cold, calculating son of a bitch who tries to kill Rick after he and Lori are reunited, Shane is in turn murdered and Rick takes his place as the leader of the camp. In the TV series, none of this occured; Shane is free to walk around being a complete dick and creating new and unnecessary changes to the carefully orchestrated plot of the graphic novels. Shane and the actor who portrays him represent everything wrong with this version of the story, the acting is piss poor and the writing for him and every other character is even worse, and like a true zombie infection its poisoned every element of this show, from the pacing, the narrative, this seasons story arc to just about anything else you can name.

By deviating and not staying true to the story beat for beat, we get drawn out character development scenes that go on forever with no end in sight and feel nothing but false. Case in point, the season 2 premiere had two different characters praying to a Christ statue basically saying the same things, while another pair of characters get into an argument over one letting the other commit suicide, all of this going on in a world that is supposed to be festering with the undead.

Our time was literally wasted about a missing little girl who is never supposed to get lost in the first place and the groups interaction with a secluded farm and its inhabitants, which actually does happen in the books yet doesn’t really survive the page to screen translation amidst all these new, say it with me folks, UNNECESSARY CHANGES. Too many of these 6 episodes were dedicated to Shane, a character who shouldn’t even exist and is therefore ruining the entire show by taking all of the shows focus away from the main character Rick and any of the other supporting characters who are meant to be around and have their crucial moments.

Instead of the breakneck and exciting pace of the first two volumes of the comic, we get episodes and storylines that do nothing but drag out the plot. The first half of this story as well as this entire second season should be all about the conflict of them on the run from the undead and the constant dangers involved in that, to the point where the audience needs a break from the mayhem, we are not there yet at all. Instead, episodes went by that had me questioning why bother having zombies in a show with pregnancy tests, existential angst, red neck samurais and people arguing over whether they should be carrying guns in a world that is supposedley filled with vicious cannibalistic undead monsters. Seriously, they invented a conflict between Shane and Dale (an awesome character in the books who is just a mere shell of himself on this poor excuse for a series) where Dale hid the guns away from everyone and then Shane has to track him down. Any rational person can see that Shane is actually right in this situation and Dale is being a jackass. However, since Shane is playing it so over the top and we’re supposed to be rooting for Dale we do a switch on logic and side with the guy trying to hide guns from the people who seriously need them because the guy he’s up against is a malicious douchebag who has no right to be alive. Even the big reveal at the end of the finale was predictable and it wasn’t even a part of the story that is supposed to happen.

I have no idea if this show can be saved. Killing off Shane and moving on to the next location would be a start, but after seeing the trailers for Februarys episodes and seeing Bernthals ugly menacing mug still on my flat screen gives me no hope. I know that book to screen adaptations are not easy and somethings usually end up changed or lost in the shuffel but the Walking Dead is less than even a shadow of its former self. I honestly do not recognize any of the characters who propelled me to read 11 volumes of their story. They have all been replaced with these dead eyed or over acting meat bags for whom I could care less about.

0/5 hot wings

Drew Reviews: The Muppets

Editorial: I started this site with an article explaining how I was raised on Star Wars and how I was bummed out about the further cinematic exploits of the series. It pleases me to no end that the Muppets which I was also raised on and may have way more of an impact on my upbringing (as they not only fueled my imagination but encouraged me to keep dreaming and believing) have returned with a movie that is hilarious as it is heart fealt and as nostalgic while at the same time completely new without ruining or betraying any of the legacy Jim Henson has left behind.

What is it ?: The Seventh Muppet movie and the first in 12 YEARS!

Who’s Responsible ?: Written by the “Forgetting Sarah Marshal” team of Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller, directed by James Bobin (episodes of “Da Ali G Show” and “Flight of the Conchords”) 

Who’s in it ?: The Muppets (Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, Scooter, Rolf and Miss Piggy to name a few) the afore mentioned Jason Segel as well as Amy Adams (Enchanted), Chris Cooper (American Beauty, Adaptation) and Rashida Jones (Parks & Recreation) not to mention a whole bunch of fun cameos that it would be a shame to spoil.

What’s it about ?: Walter is a Muppet and a massive fan of Kermit and crew who has a human brother and best friend in Gary (Jason Segel). When Gary and his longtime girlfriend Mary (Amy Adams) take a vacation to Hollywood for their 10 year anniversary, Gary invites Walter to tag along so they can fulfill their dream of visiting Muppet Studious. While at the now sadly defunct studio, Walter over hears the evil Tex Richman (Chris Cooper) and his plot to buy Muppet Studious and destroy it to gain the oil underneath. Walter, Gary and Mary contact Kermit the Frog and embark on a mission to reunite the Muppets and save Muppet Studios.

The Bad: Zero complaints here.

The Good: Jason Segal and Nicholas Stoller wrote a really great script that pays homage to the wit and comedic fourth wall breaking style The Muppets are known for and doesn’t risk jabbing ininappropriate jokes just to be edgy. The pacing is ingenious with the entire third act being a 30 + min episode of The Muppet Show. Every actor in this movie looks like they’re having a great time and just seeing the Muppets on the big screen doing what they do best after such a long time invokes this undeniable sense of joy. 

Final Verdict: The Muppets truly returned with this movie that not only embraces the fact that they have been absent from pop culture for a while but also makes it into the major conflict. It was refreshing to see a completly non cynical comedy made for todays audiences, the movie hits every note you could possibly want it to strike with every Muppet having a moment (or more) to shine. I couldn’t be happier with how this turned out, and I can’t wait to see what the Muppets do next. 

5/5 HOT WINGS!!!!!!! (sorry Cammilla)



Boldly Going into the third dimension!!!

The sequel to 09′s incredibly well done J.J. Abrahms helmed Star Trek reeboot now has a star date of 5.17.13 (two weeks after Iron Man 3 and one week before The 6th Fast & Furious) and will be shot entirely in 3D (lens flares comin atcha!) from a script by the last movies team of Damon Lindelof, Alex Kurtzman & Robert Orci! Not too many details have emerged about the plot, main villain or if any of those super sexamatastic green skinned Orion slave girls will make an appearence. I am more than elated that this movie is finally getting off the ground, it was originally supposed to be out next summer but I think Mr. A needed a break after directing this years equally spectacular Super 8. Summer 2012 is crowded enough with The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises duking it out for us cinema patron’s hard earned dollars.

It being Star Trek and the internet being the internet there are loads of confirmed and unconfirmed rumors, from Benicio Del Toro playing the villain (he’s in “talks” ), the movie taking place on a familiar jungle planet (they have been scouting Hawaii) to the plot being the federation teaming up with the Klingon’s against man eating Tribbles; I’m not kidding, you can read all about that here. Tribbles or no, my Star Trek viewing project now has a further end date and I can breathe a sigh of relief as I haven’t even made a dent into The Next Generation. Seriously cannot wait to see this movie, my only problem with the last one is that it ended at all. Warp speed Mr. Abrahms, the summer of 2013 just got exciting!

Happy Turkey Week Everyone!

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty relaxed and then of course I got  Skyward Sword so I’ve been immersed in all things Link (6 hrs and 45 mins later and I just got to the first Temple, sweet Christ!). In between game play I still managed to cook up these five stories; my goal is to put up another five before I leave for San Diego on Tuesday for Thanksgiving. Will I succeed or will the highly addictive 7th chapter in the saga of Zelda proove too addictive??? Tune in to see, same bat time, same bat website!

White Clouds in Blue Sky

Drew Presents: It was the Blurst of Times!

This year has been ridiculous for me, so much so that its given me the idea to recount parts of my past of years equally ridiculous. Every once and a while I’ll put up a reflective post; this one is about the Spring/Summer of 1996, truly a mixed bag.


In April of 1996, my back gave out. The Junior High School I went to did not have lockers so all of the students had to carry six-behemoth sized text books on their backs. It was at the end of a school day when I was waiting for my Mom to pick me up when suddenly I collapsed, I tried to get up but it felt like I had no back, instead the feeling in what should be my back was replaced by a sharp pain that went up my spine.


     For the next month and a half I was bound to my family’s living room couch, I could not move or go anywhere. I was a prisoner of my own body and I hated it. However, looking back I feel that I could not have had it any better, I got to play as many video games as I wanted and I watched the movie “Mallrats” (my favorite at the time) over 65 times. I was given nothing but easy take home assignments so I graduated from the 7th grade by doing the least amount of work. 


    By July I was ready to get off the couch and move around. I was a whopping 300lbs and had to go to physical therapy once a week but did not care because I could at least go outside. My favorite place to loiter with my friends was the Montclair Mall, we would spend hours at the arcade (R.I.P.) or stare at all the attractive older girls who worked at Hot Topic that we were deathly afraid to talk to. We would shoplift from Sam Goody and Music Plus with zero consequences and quote back lines from the Simpsons and Beavis & Butt-head as if we were speaking another language.

   I was old enough to use the bus and that added another level of freedom, every Friday I would take the bus to our nearest movie theater. I must have seen “Cable Guy” and “Independence Day” six times each; I snuck into “Striptease” and saw nudity on the big screen for the first time (it blew my mind). My love affair with using the bus came to an end on July 23, 1996. I took the bus to see a double feature of “Kazaam” and “Multipilicty”, when I came home our house had been broken into. The VCR and Sega Genesis with Sega CD that saved me from boredom while my back had been out was gone.


 My Family was robbed again, this time it was My Mom’s 91′ Buick Skylark. The car was found on August 15th at 2:00 am in the middle of the intersection of Indian Hill and Holt in Pomona. Everything of value had been stolen, including the Super Nintendo that I kept in the trunk to play when we visited our extended family in San Diego. 

     For about three to four years all I could remember about the summer of 96 was being robbed. It was not until I graduated high school and felt like the world had been pulled out from under me that I was able to go back and look at that summer fondly. But that is another summer for another day.


Rampage…the movie…Geez, Hollywood you’re really going there?

Yes, New Line Cinema (aka Warner Bros’ creative but down trodden lil sis) are turning the video game where you play as a giant ape, lizard or werewolf (never got that btw) into a full length movie to be produced by the Final Destination guy. Don’t believe me? Check it out over here, where they have the gall to call it a “smartly budgeted monster movie”. Lets face it, living in the 21st century means seeing many things that have no business being turned into movies, um, turned into movies. However, if you’re going to turn Rampage, a game my sister and I could never beat because we had no idea when the levels changed, into a movie, then you gotta go balls out on the budget. There are THREE GIANT FREAKING MONSTERS IN IT! Hey New Line, spend the ducats and get Guiellermo Del Toro in there to produce, at least then some level of quality control is insured. They’re probably going to just get Uwe Boll or Paul W.S. Anderson on this aren’t they?


Winter is Coming!!

Here it is Female Overlords and Gentlemen, the official trailer/production diary for Game of Thrones season 2! Having read A Clash of Kings (the highly recommended book that this upcoming season is based off of) I know for a fact that season 2 will be excellent, if any of you enjoyed the last years story be prepared to have your worlds rocked!


The Bluths are back!!!!!

Last week I bemoaned the fact that Community may be meeting its end, as a consolation I showed my top 5 favorit shows that never made it to a season 4. Noticeably absent from that list was Arrested Development, not because it wasn’t also “brilliant but canceled” but because they are finally making the fourth season!!!! And of all the places for the Bluth-Tang Clan to end up, it looks like Netflix will handle the proceedings.

Thanks to my favorite roommate Jesse Simpson, I saw every episode of Arrested Development at least five times each and it only kept getting better and better. Of course the movie had been teased as the last line of the finale and (creator) Mitch Hurwitz and Jason Bateman told us for years it was coming, but many of us AD fans started growing impatient; especially after Michael Cera, Will Arnet and Bateman themselves all started to get bigger roles (some would say to the point of over exposure). No details just yet on how many episodes there will be, or if the movie is still happening; but lets all just take a moment to breath a collective sigh and take it all in that soon the Bluths (and Tobias) shall RETURN! Yeah, 2013 looks far away, but so did 2012 and that is literally right around the corner.


Showtime orders more slayings!

Dexter has been renewed for not one but TWO MORE SEASONS! Dexter Morgan will be racking up his body count and adding more slides to his “collection” for at least another 26 episodes. If you were to tell me three years ago that this show would last 8 seasons I would’ve responded first with “Hell yes!” and then with “Wait, they haven’t caught him yet!? Miami PD must be filled with a bunch of bozo’s.” What started as brilliantly unpredictable genius has now become somewhat hokey and maudlin to say the least. Regardless, I’m still invested in the story enough to  tune in every Sunday; I hope these two extra seasons will close everything out in style.



Coheed & Cambria is quite possibly my favorite band of the millenium (relax everybody the millenium is only 11 years old and we all know the Beatles will be the best band of all time) but they’re also a band rought with troubles, earlier this year bassist Michael Todd was caught trying to rob a Walgreens for some oxycontin by posing as a terrorist only a few mins from where the band was schedualed to open for Soundgarden. Perhaps the biggest shake up to the C&C music factory (see what I did there) was the five year departure of drummer Josh Eppard. When Josh left the band and they decided to go with Dillinger Escape Plan’s Chris Pennie the songs felt lacking. While I respect Pennie as a drummer, his brand of technical drumming didn’t mesh well for me and it actually seemed like the band was holding him back. Well good news fans of the Keywork, JOSH EPPARD IS BACK! This was posted yesterday on the official site and this is Josh’s heartfealt letter to the fans.

Coheed & Cambria not only influences me musically, but the fact that all of their music tells an over arching storyline about an alternate dimension is totally what provoked the Saga of this site. While the five album story arc about the bands namesakes is over, (frontman and C&C wizard) Claudio Sanchez recently announced that the new music will be “will be staying within the world of the Amory Wars and go further into the past” (good call considering the Heavens Gate was destroyed in the fifth album making their alternate universe into our current one). If any of this is confusing you should check out the sagas wiki here and the comics main site here. Bottom line, Josh Eppard is back with Coheed & Cambria, they just started work on album #6 and I couldn’t be happier!


Can this be the best Pixar movie ever made!?

The Brave combines three things I’m quite fond of, medieval mythology, Scottish culture and GINGERS! This trailer is sweet and wow have Mr. Lasseter and friends come along way from Sully’s fur being the “most impressive use of computer animation ever made”.

The title of this post is on the retorical side since we all know the best Pixar movie ever made will be the Untitled one about Dinosaurs.

SouthParkHD season 15

They’re gaining on ya Simpsons

Tonight may be the McCormich centered season 15 finale, but South Park has just been renewed for 5 MORE SEASONS, pushing the show to season 20 and making it the longest running animated sitcom on cable television! When South Park premiered in the summer of 1997 no one in their right mind thought it would last this long. Tons of merchandise, one kick ass Rick Rubin produced album, one epic movie, and numerous awards (including a Humanitas) later and she show is still better than ever.

My three favorite life moments involving South Park are when I tried to play the Big Gay Al episode in my sophomore American Lit class. The substitute teacher was an obvious lesbian and forced me to shut the episode off after Father Maxi told Stan “gays are evil”, completly missing the point of the episode. The second moment is when I was carded to see the movie, I had just turned 17 but the guy at the box office didn’t believe my I.D. and had to get his manager. When the movie started and the opening scene had been just what I went through I left so hard I almost missed “Uncle Fucka”. The last great South Park moment in my life was right after my Grandpa’s funeral. The entire family was emotionally wrecked and no one could say a word. Flipping through the channels I came upon the first Starvin Marvin episode, I thought no one was paying attention but once they took Marvin to the Buffet my family started laughing together, everyone including my Grandma thought the episode was hilarious and we stayed on Comedy Central and watched a mini marathon.

Thank you Trey Parker & Matt Stone for the many years of countless laughs, may society continue to be your moronic and strange muse!


Is a good live action Akira movie remotley possible?

Amongst animation purists (not to mention anime fans) worth any kind of a damn, Katsuhiro Otomo’s  Akira is a masterpiece. Not only did Akira take anime out of the cartoon ghetto and forever legitimize it as a true art form, it also inspired generations of fans while setting the stage for the first HUGE Anime boom of the early 90′s. Set in the fascist Neo Tokyo of 2019, Akira told the bleak story of a doomed friendship between biker thug Kaneda and psycho-kinetic Tetsuo on the eve of an apocalypse. It was dark, haunting, violent, beautiful and a complete mind fuck that has many fans 23 years after its release still scratching their heads over that ending.

Because Hollywood is now in a dystopian post geek/nerd ruled creatively bankrupt era where everything has to be remade, rebooted or turned into a movie, a live action adaptation of Akira was inevitable. The idea to make Akira into a live action film originally began in 2002 by Blade and League of Extraordinary director Stephen Norrington & Wild Wild West, Superman Returns producer Jon Peters (extremley happy this fell through). Since then the project was bought by Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company, the Hughes Brothers were going to direct it with DiCaprio and Joeseph Gordon Levitt as the leads; for some reason this also fell through. As of today Akira is now being helmed by the House of Wax remake’s director Jaume Collet-Serra with actors such as Justin Timberlake, Joaquin Phoenix, Michael Fassbender, Chris Pine, James McAvoy,Zac Effron and Andrew Garfield up for the two leads. The latest rumor is that Tron Legacy’s Garret Hedlund snagged the role of Kaneda and that Kirsten Stewart (dead eyes herself) is in the running to play his love interest Kei.

I’m normally up for big screen adaptations of anything. It is my firm belief that film is and should always be the highest art form anything can accomplish. Movies are seen by a wide audience in the biggest and best ways possible. That being said a lot of the time (especially now) those with the power to make films abuse their power and settle for whatever will make them the most amount of money which usually includes making way too many “safe” decisions that compromise the integrity of the piece. There is no doubt in my mind that a live action Akira could be amazing, but that would include spending 100 million dollars and getting a directors like Duncan Jones (Moon), Neil Blomkamp (District 9), Gasper Noe (Enter the Void) Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan) or Alfonso Cuaron (Children of Men) to shoot an all Japanese cast from a script written by either David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight) or Andrew Kevin Walker (Seven).

Instead, if this movie doesn’t burn in development hell we’re most likelygoing to get a half assed, watered down, americanized, cookie cutter version of Akira that’s made to sell Big Gulps and Hot Topic t-shirts. All of the substance and eastern philosophical brillance and worldview will be blead dry as we watch Bella from the Twilight series yell KANEDA or KEN or whatever super western name they’ll bastardized the characters with. Oh well, here’s hoping it has a kickass soundtrack.


Doctor Who may be headed to the big screen, not too fond of the man with the plan though

Whovians should all be rejoicing as say the titular extra-terrestrial Doc is set to make his first worldwide big screen debut. However, the one instigating this move isn’t the genius showrunner Russell T. Davies who orchestrated Who’s revival back in 2005 nor is it current “head of Who” the brilliant Steven Moffat, instead its David Yates, the man responsible for the last 4 (3 if you’re a proper fan) Harry Potter films. There are also no plans for Matt Smith the current (and eleventh) Doctor Who to reprise his role. Instead Yates is hinting at a full blown reboot that may or may not start the Doctor all the way at zero reintroducing everyone and everything.

I know Doctor Who has been around way longer than I’ve been a fan but the great thing about him is that the story and all of its continuitycontinues no matter who portrays him because of his power as a Time Lord to regenerate into another form. I really dislike the idea of retelling the story and I like the idea of David “bland as bland can be” Yates helming it even less. David Yates is such a dreary unfun filmaker and while some of his choices in the Potter series worked, most didn’t and in fact sucked all epicness or emotional gravity out of crucial moments to the story. I have no problems seeing Who on the big screen and while the eleventh Doctor is my favorite I can live with a different face piloting the T.A.R.D.I.S.; just leave the history of the show intact. Who knows, maybe this will all go away like those earlier rumors about Johnny Depp playing Who .